Louise Evans

Louise’s passion and mission is to develop the Human Side of organizations and fast track people on their journey to self-leadership and self-mastery to create strong corporate cultures where people can perform at their best and collectively thrive. She will share her highly acclaimed groundbreaking transformational tool, The 5 Chairs, which is designed to help organisations and their people become more emotionally and behaviourally fit to face the VUCA challenges of the Digital World. Her work with The 5 Chairs is having a profound effect on thousands of people from CEOs to Factory workers in organisations from all industry sectors in 21 countries across the world.

Her areas of expertise include: intercultural management, communication and interpersonal skills, global leadership, non-violent communication, global executive coaching, emotional client experience, virtual teamwork, conflict resolution, social and emotional intelligence.


5 Chairs

Learn to control your actions, manage communication, and make decisions about your success. Method 5 Chairs / 5 Chairs is a tool influencing the thinking and learning process. The unique workshop will introduce us to 5 chairs that serve as a behavioral compass, mirror our everyday responses and force us to think about what we think, feel and behave at the moment. We will focus on how to better understand yourself, your child, your partner, or your colleague or supervisor.

The 5 Chairs is a unique transformational tool designed by Louise Evans, Director/Owner at The5chairs.com. It promises tochange the way people lead their lives and their relationships forever.  It accelerates people on their journey from self-exploration and self-discovery to self-leadership and self-mastery in preparation for the IV industrial revolution. Our behaviours and attitudes create the atmosphere of our workplaces, the climate of our homes and the culture of our society at large. The 5 Chairs is about making a choice in every moment. To adopt an attitude in life which consciously contributes to the happiness and success of everyone, both at work and at home. It is a call to action for every single person.

Louise’s mission is to divulge the message of The 5 Chairs to individuals, teams and organisations across the world to remind and re-awaken the fundamental Human Factors which are common to us all and are vital for our happiness, success and survival.