MUDr. Martin Hollý

Psychiatrist and sexologist, director of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, external lecturer and advisor.

He completed psychotherapeutic training in individual and group psychotherapy and a number of accredited psychotherapeutic workshops (logotherapy, emotional desensitization of EMDR, progressive relaxation, etc.). He has published in monographs and professional journals, and lectures at domestic and foreign conferences. He is also an external lecturer of consulting and educational companies, specializing in communication training, teamwork and stress management.


Building on values is also worthwhile in business

Change has ceased to be an event in our lives but has become an environment. What we can rely on are our own values. How can we cope with change situations, be courageous and at the same time live up to our values? Why is it advantageous in the long term not to compromise our values? How to realize your values and how to work with them?