Jan Müller

Longtime journalist and founder of several magazines. In 1997–2009 he worked in Lidové noviny as the head of the supplement Media and Communication and magazines Pátek and Esprit. In 2010–2017 he worked in Mladá fronta. He was the head of a weekly magazine on media and marketing Strategie. He founded a professional periodical Law & Business and a magazine for intelligent lifestyle called ZEN, which was published together with the daily E15. Since 2018 he works in Flowee magazine and develops Ditevsiti projects.cz and Denoffline.cz.

He is the author of the book “A Guide to the Future, or How to Enjoy the Global Crisis”, which tells stories built on new technologies, from the world of economy, politics and relationships.


Offline skills jsou klíčové pro úspěch v online světě

The increasing dependence of our work and personal life on technology poses a number of challenges: for example, how to cope with the ever-increasing pace of communication? How does information and communication overload affect our decision-making ability? What daily habits to learn to avoid the negative of social networking? How to avoid “information apathy” in the face of an increasing number of fake news and a decline in confidence in traditional institutions?

As part of the conference, autographing of books by Jan Müller will take place at the stand.