Daniel (Bradbury) Dočekal

The founder of the internet magazine Svět Namodro, one of the owners of the agency M.I.A., created the portal Quick.cz. Since December 2006 he has been working on the DigiWeb.cz project and later worked as the editor-in-chief of iHNed.cz.. Then as head of strategy and content at Tiscali Media, a.s., the operator of the Tiscali.cz portal and many other websites. It has been running websites like www.bookz.cz, www.feedit.cz and www.justit.cz for several years.

In recent years as a consultant advises and helps many companies with marketing, content, social networks or communication. It trains, writes, explains and gradually expands its activities with other websites in 2015, for example with @ 365tips, Kolotipy.cz, #PRTIPY and quickfits.


A child in a network lives in a complicated digital world that affects development, behavior and habits from early childhood to adulthood. Privacy, security, expression and communication skills are at risk. There are sexual predators and diseases affecting the psyche as well as physical abilities. But parents are also a problem, they rarely know what their children are at risk.